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Your turkey or crown will be supplied oven-ready with giblets, pop-up thermomether and a booklet full of of recipes and advice.  For current prices, see our Size and Price page.

Please collect from the farm gate on the dates you are given closer to Christmas Day.

As with all other food retail outlets, we will exercise the highest possible level of Covid 19 safety including full use of hand sanitiser, screens wash down with disinfectant. We will be implement a “drive through” facility to comply with Government measures to keep everyone safe.

This year you have the option to pay in advance to reduce the risk of cross-contamination at the farm gate, or reserve your bird for payment on collection if you prefer.

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Whole Bronze Turkey 5kg — 10kg

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Whole White Turkey 5kg — 10kg

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Bronze Turkey Crown 3kg — 7kg

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White Turkey Crown 3kg — 7kg

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