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Turkeys perching on a straw bale

Perching on a bale of straw

Molash Turkeys is situated near Challock in Kent.

The Holmes family have farmed in the parishes of Molash and Badlesmere since 1962 and at Boughton under Blean from 1948 when Martin Holmes’s grandfather established one of the earliest Free Range Chicken Enterprises of its time.

The family grow milling wheat for Warburtons and Hovis, barley, oilseed rape, oats and beans. Martin now farms with his eldest son Ben and they are very keen to nurture their soils above all else regarding it as their most important asset. To help improve soil quality they grow cover crops over the winter including ‘oil radish’ phacelia, linseed, vetch, buckwheat, oats and other crops to add organic matter, capture carbon and build up worm populations – the best cultivators of all!

The Farm is in environmental stewardship, achieving preservation of a Roman occupation site and a Roman Burial site. Hedges are only cut every other year and skylark plots are provided. Kestrels and owls are provided with nesting boxes.

The free-range turkey enterprise has enabled an organic grass ley to be planted allowing the birds to display their natural behaviour, range freely and the grass is herb rich and is not sprayed with pesticides nor is artificial fertiliser used.

Turkey outline
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